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in the old internet, like 10 years ago, your parents warned you not to talk to strangers online.

now, we stay in their homes and get in their cars and argue with them over dumb shit constantly. (strangers. hopefully not your parents)

somehow we lost a certain je ne sais quoi the early days had. if you asked me what the je ne sais quoi was - i'd say i don't speak french.

so i designed out this little chat site called hihey to maybe help capture the rose-tinted spirit of local chatrooms, systems with constraints, and realtime conversation near you. it's like a 20-mile wide group chat to your location.

maybe you'll find new friends awake at night in your city when you don't have someone to grab food with / use it like a worse craigslist / or a safety tool or way to quickly report what's happening nearby / or just an experiment - maybe a mix of all that - i'll let you decide.

all i know is that i'm looking to emulate that certain feeling - a love letter to the web. so tell your friends. shape the future of a dying breed of an experiment.

have fun.